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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Starting the Walk

The Church On the Streets disciples unload their Crosses at the Washington House,
a residence used by Church On the Streets as a staging center for many of it's outreach programs. A pastor that lives in the house reaches out to prisoners in the Arizona jail system, other disciples
reside there to assist in whatever needs to be done for the various outreaches. Food is cooked, books are packed, sound equipment is transported to senior centers, homeless ministries, hospices, and needy neighborhoods. For many, Church On the Streets is their church, the only church they can or will have contact with. After praying outside of the Washington House, they walk the crosses to a nearby home, where an elderly woman lives who encountered disciples Walking the Cross some time back. She can't go to church, so on Sunday's Church On the Streets comes to join her in prayer on the front porch. Heads bowed and hands clasping hands and shoulders, the disciples pray with and for this fragile, cheerful woman. At the end she prays for the men, and blesses them as they walk towards their mission.

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