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Friday, August 13, 2010

Just Folks

COTS disciples walk the cross rain or shine, and today it's rain. Which is wonderful, because most August weekends in August hover around 110 degrees in the shade. As we walk the route of the Cross, anyone we come across is hailed and approached-would you like to take the Lord in to your heart? Would you like to pray? Would you like to get right with God? Husbands and wives, young families, pimps and prostitutes, crack addicts and police, all are greeted with with these words. I am amazed-almost every person stops to talk and pray with one or all of the disciples.
Jim tells me the Holy Spirit gives them the gift of discernment, that they will know the right words to say to each person, that the Holy Spirit will touch their heart and people will know they are hearing the truth. At times the disciples pray with people they ran with on the street. Many times the Cross stops are spur-of-the moment, at a cracked corner of sidewalk or bus stop. Some are regular stops, places they've been before, places where Church On The Streets is the only church the people will see. At one of the homes we stop at, three ferocious dogs run up to us and beg to be pet, licking our hands and feet. I guess Church On the Streets has been here before. A dignified gentleman of about sixty leads us across the way to the home of a man called Bungee. Bungee got out of prison not long ago, recently had a heart operation, and is confined to a wheelchair. Church On the Streets regularly brings Bungee to their Sunday morning meeting at the Phoenix Dream Center, and also to My Fathers House, , a ministry on 30th Ave and Van Buren where the homeless are fed, clothed, and given spiritual support. At My Fathers House Bungee is able to give as well as receive spiritual support. Today the disciples talk to Bungee, and gather around to pray-the dignified gentleman's dogs are not excluded. As I sit on the ground and photograph their prayers, the more ferocious of the three dogs comes over and licks me on the face. I think he wants to include me. After their prayers are done, we bid Bungee adieu. At the end of today's Crosswalk, the disciples will come back to Bungee's residence and place him in the front of their Chevy truck. Then they will put his wheelchair into the back of the truck, where it will ride with the three crosses and four disciples back to the Church On the Street morning service at The Phoenix Dream Center. On that day Bungee will thank the congregation for their prayers and support during his heart operation.

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