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Monday, May 11, 2009

Editorial Photograph Phoenix Az of Lane LaPlante Navajo Bullrider

This Phoenix Az editorial portrait is of Lane LaPlante, he's a Navajo Bullrider from Alberta Canada, I took this shot at the Indian National Championship Bullriding Event at The Gila River Casino Phoenix Az. Or rather in the parking lot outside the arena. They had a problem with me bringing all my equipment inside the arena, so I thought to myself, hmmmm, what can I make happen? As photographers so often have to do. I saw this truck trailer sitting outside, and then I spied Lane walking in with his dad, and something about Lane made me think he would make a great shot. When I set the shot up, Lane stood in his characteristic way, and at first I tried to change it, but then I thought, let's let it go, and it's really what makes the shot, it's what people seem to love. Many times I like to set a shot up with different elements, people, background, props, etc, and then let it run, play really, and sometimes something, I hate to say special, to me it's special, sometimes something special happens. And that's the magic! That's what make all the pain and frustration worth it! For a little while anyway. Thanks Lane! And if you'd like to see more of my Native American bullriding photos, please check out my website at

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